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*Page is always in process and constant updating.  A varied compilation as diverse and varied as all commissions are custom!  

Custom designs are priced per design and square footage.  Each commission is unique and we would love to talk with you and create a one-of-a-kind unique art piece for your residence, business, church or whatever application we can help you with.  Call us!


Abstract                 4 Worlds

 2010.  Designed to compliment the shape of the  2008.  Titled '4 Worlds' .  2 Separate panels.

window frame. Installed into a horse barn.






Art Deco design.  Simple is Clean.

Installed into a Bathroom Window Frame.


Interior Leaded, Beveled Wall Panel.

 2011.  Bevel Cluster.  Interior wall panel.

Aves lit up      Aves 1                Leaded panel.

12"  x 26"  Bathroom Window. Traditional design.   Free'Hanging Beveled Cluster Panel.




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Beveled French Doors

Interior French Door Panels.  Before Install.  2 Doors

Bevel Cluster.  Leaded and zinc caming.

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