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Unless Specified Glass working Tools and Materials are not included in the class fee, but are available for purchase here at Western Art Glass. 

Please confirm the class schedule dates with your schedule.  We do not offer makeup classes if you miss one.  Each week valuable information is shared and learned, if you miss a class, you will miss learning technique.

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 **Don't miss out on more fusing classes with our visiting instructors.  See class descriptions on the other titled pages 'Workshops with Wesley Wong'  and 'Visiting Class - Gail Stouffer'


Beginning Fusing & Slumping  6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm $189

Thursdays  September 7th - 28th

*Class Full

Tiles            Intro Fusing Examples            Coral Bowls

This is a HOT class!  Learn a method of glass working by way of using a kiln.  In this (4) consecutive week class, you will explore a variety of beginning techniques for using fusible materials along with fusible compatible glass. You will be creating projects each week that you will create with your own selected colors of fusible glass and a touch of your own design aspects.  You will learn about firing schedules, tools and ideas to create your projects each week.  Projects include magnets, jewelry pendants, (2) Trinkett square bowls, a plate with your own designed embossed images in the glass and the final project is  a glass coral bowl.  All System 96 Fusible Glass, supplies and materials are included in the class fee. 

**You will need to provide your own basic glass cutting tools.

5 Projects in 4 Weeks            6:15 'til 9:00 pm                   $ 189

Thursdays October 26th - November 16th

*Class is Full.  ~Waitlist Available


5 in 4Decal Pendants

You will create 5 projects in 4 weeks in this fun ideas fusing class  This is not the same project class as before of 5 in 5, these are all NEW projects.  Projects include jewelry pendants with hints of dichro and fusible glass image decals for unique and one of a kind pendants, a sand dollar shallow bowl with powder frit, a hanging fused mosaic fish, a fused mosaic picture frame and a whole new concept called 'fossil vitra'.  All glass and materials included in the class fee exept necklace chords for the assortment of pendants that you create.  The frames for the fossil vitra as well as the picture frame are also included in the class fee.
*Fusing, Slumping experience is advised, but not required.

*We have Wesley Wong returning November 4th for a holiday project fusing workshop.  ***See that description on that specific page above.

Pot Melts              6:15 'til 9:00 pm                   $ 189



Another Glass MelterLexies Glass Pot MeltA Glass Pot Melt

The process involves allowing molten fusible glass to flow through the hole in a clay type pot onto fiber paper or onto a base piece of glass that is on your kiln shelf.  This requires excessive high temperatures and as the temperatures of the glass rises and becomes liquid, it flows like hot candle wax out of the opening bottom of the pot. This technique is a great way to use up fusible scrap and miscellaneous bits of fusible glass.  The resulting melt can be presented as-is flat or incorporated into other projects or slumped into a functional art piece. As per kiln space for all students, student class pot melts as a specific size, we will supply you with a formula for calcuating the wanted size of a pot melt for future melt making in your own studio.  We will be using System 96 compatible fusible glass. Sometimes pot melts require and or you would prefer to cold work them a little bit, so use of our machinery needs to be expected for your projects during class time. Class is 1 night a week for 3 weeks.  You will be creating 2 Melts.  Glass is included in the class fee for 1 melt, you need to plan on bringing your own 96 coe fusible scrap glass for your 2nd melt.


Drop Rings           6:15  ' til 9:00 pm                  




This is a class within the Fused and or Hot Glass category.  You must have fusing experience and or completed the beginning Fusing and Slumping class.  You will create (2) vases by way of what is called the 'drop ring' and or 'sagging' the glass through an opening'. One vase will be made in clear and transparent glasses and 1 in opaque. You will accessorize and or style your vases with sheet glass, confetti, frits, stringers and pebbles  This technique requires cold working aspects  by way of the use of saws, sand blasting and the sanders.  You must supply your own basic cutting tools.  All glass, supplies and materials are included in the class fee.


Combing 101 6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm 


                                               Combing Square

An advanced fusing technique.  You will learn the art of combing and raking a mix of molten glass at an utmost ‘hot’ temperature.  You will learn to use hot glass tools and safety equipment for manipulating glass at an excessive temperature.  Class is (1) night a week for 3 weeks.  Cold working techniques will also be covered in this hands-on class.  You will need to provide your own cutting tools.  Fusing and glass cutting experience required.  You will be cutting many strips of glass, most glass will be supplied within the class fee, but depending on your desired colors, you will need to supply some fusble 96 glass for your art piece.  Class fee also includes the use of the combing tool.  You will create (1) combing and incorporate it into a finished masterpiece that may be left flat or you may choose to have it slumped.

Pattern Bars   6:15 p.m.  ‘til  9:00 p.m. $350 


  Pattern Bars

Another advanced fusing technique.  A pattern bar is a thick bundle of glass that has been fused together to form a sold mass and or a solid block. Once fused and cooled, you will slice it with the saw and then the inside of the block hence the sliced pieces are laid flat and becomes your kaleidoscope design.  You will decide how you want to incorporate your pattern bars into finished art pieces.  All glass for your bars is included in the class fee.  You will need to purchase system 96 fusible glass for your final projects.  Class is one night a week for 5 weeks.  You will be required to use saws and cold working equipment.  You will each create (4) styles of pattern bars.  Fusing experience is required and or the completion of the fusing and slumping class.


5 Projets in 5 Weeks         6:15 'til 9:00 pm        $350


Color StacksFloral Vases


 This is a continuation of the Beginning course in Fusing and Slumping.  You will make a project each week that is not created in any other classes.  Projects include a color stack, floral forming vase, a coral bowl, pebbles combings and a project when we puposely trap bubbles. You must have fusing and cutting glass exerience.  The class fee includes all suppiles and materials for all 5 projects.  You must provide your own cutting tools.

Reserved for Fun              6:15 'til 9:00 pm                $89


                                                          Reserve for Fun

We have a special assortment of what is called 'Fusers Reserve' Glass. It is an intriguing work of it's own design. You will select your own sheet from the assortment.  This workshop is about cutting it up into strips and re-arranging the already 'cool' pattern into a new twist and creating your own one-of-a-kind project. You will decide your own rendition and finished shape / size of (1) Fusers Reserve creation. Left flat or kiln fired again to shape into a bowl or plate, YOU Decide. This is a perfect creative idea to complete with some sweet treats for your Valentine for that special day coming right up!
YOU must  have cutting and fusing experience as you will need to cut your own strips to create your project and understand the basics of the kiln firing process.  The class fee includes ALL GLASS + 2 kiln firings if need be for this project.  You will need to return at a later date to pick up your project after it has undergone the kiln firing process.  You will need to provide your own basic glass cutting tools.  *Max project size is 12 x 12 as per the size of the fusers reserve glass.

Extended Combing     6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm               $165

Thursdays February 9th - 23rd *Class Full.  Waitlist Available

                                            Extended Combing

This truly a very HOT class. This technique in the kiln-formed fusing category entails you to truly work the glass inside the kiln at a high temperature while also following utmost safety guidelines, protective clothing and of course assistance. You have to work inside the kiln as the glass has to become excessively HOT in order to manipulate the molten glass. Besides working in the kiln, you will also need to plan to also use the saw and sanders for coldworking after the glass has cooled to room temperature.  If you have taken the original 'Combing' class, that is a great foundation, as this is not the same class. Combing yes, but a different spin on another version of the technique.  Each of your will be creating a combing in your choice from a selection of certain sizes and perimeters as well as how comfortable you feel with working hot.  Some of you will be workiing in the bigger kilns and some may prefer to work small. YOU will choose what you feel comfortable with.  Class Fee includes kiln firings to complete your 1 combing project.

Fusing & Glass Cutting experience is required.  You will design your own idea for the combing. Class fee includes the glass for the actual combing. You may leave your combing as a flat tile or if you want to create into a slumped project and need additional glass, You will need to purchase the additional fusible glass from Western Art Glass as no other glass is allowed in our kilns.   Final project size to be determined per kiln space and or your selected mold choice.

Powder Wafers  6:15 'til 9:00 pm         $250


Wafer ExampleThis is a class expanding on the use of frits and powders to create 'wafer-thin' components that you will pre-fuse so you can then use with fused glass projects at later times.  There are two ways of making powder wafers. The advantage of creating these pre-fired components is that you can play around with the placement of the wafers or images as you assemble and or create your full fused project, you can overlap them on each-other and or add other fusible glass, stringers and confetti and even paint to embelish them.   Class is one night a week for 4 weeks.  You will make several wafers and you will design your own project.  

*All Materials to create the wafers is Included in the Fee. You must purchase the base glass to complete your wafers into a finished and final project.  Previous Fusing Experience and or completion of the beginning fusing and slumping class is required.

**This is one of many ways of using powders and frits.  We also have another frits and poweders technique class tentatively scheduled on the horizon.

**Example shown is from a previous class, final project....Thank you Nancy.              

Side Stack Strip Construction  6:15 ' til 9 pm    $299


                  Strip Construction         Side Stackers


Whereas the traditional fusing method of assembling a design from pieces of flat glass that are cut to a specific size and shape and kiln formed, the strip cut construction method takes on quite a different approach.  Strips of glass at least 3/8”  will be side-stacked on edge, dammed and fired.  Due to the side-stacking of the glass, the finished piece of fused glass is generally bubble-free.  It is possible to achieve very precise graphic designs in your work by varying the colors and the arrangement of the strips.  You will learn how to incorporate ‘windows’ and or design elements into your project. The finished piece will be thick and requires some cold-working with the tile saw and sanders.  You must have fusing and glass cutting experience.  You will be cutting an extensive amount of glass strips.  Some system 96 glass and design accessory glass elements are included in the fee. You are responsible for your desired finished color glass for your final project. Basic glass cutting tools are required. 



Crackle Introduction   6:15 - 9:00 pm        $249






This is an introductory course in a very popular and fun technique in the hot glass category.  This technique uses frit powder and (1) piece of fusible sheet glass.  Class is 1 night a week for 3 weeks.  Three techniques will be demonstrated in this introductory course and each student will choose which technique to make their 3 projects.  Each project will also be slumped into a mold selected by the student.  All materials are included in the class fee.  You will need to provide your own basic glass cutting tools and the additional tools needed for working this technique will be provided for class use.

Dichroic Cube Pendant Jewelry   6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm  $169


                                                         Dichroic Cube Pendant Class 11:12


 All Materials Included in the Fee.  Learn to take your fused glass jewelry to the next level. This class will focus on creating thick jewelry with system 96 coe glass. You will make a thick tile that you will slice into rectangles and squares and then you will cold work and polish these thick glass cubes into awesome pendants, earrings and rings.  Findings to complete your jewelry are included in the fee.  You will make several finished pieces.  NO Fusing Experience is Required!  You will be required to work with saws and a wet belt sander.  Class is (1) night a week for 3 weeks.

Perennial Flowers   6:15 'til 9:00 pm       $250


Flower Power


*Glass Fusing & Cutting Experience is required.

Learn to create glass flowers in the kiln with the use of draping or slumping molds specifically for making kiln formed flowers.  You will create 3 up to 4 flowers in this 4 week class. With help, you will be drilling the hole into each of your flowers to accommodate the hardware for the flower(s) to freely stand on a surface; use as a stem to anchor into a pot of dirt or your own actual flowerbed. Flowers are able to be inside or out, but should be brought in for winter.   Class fee includes all materials and hardware to create your flowers.  You are responsible for your own basic glass cutting tools.   


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