Stained Glass




Dates:Session 1: Wednesdays August 28 - September 25
Dates:Session 2: Tuesdays October 22 - November 19
Time: 6:15p - 9:00p pm
Cost: $159 Class Fee + Tools + Supplies
Required Skills: This is the beginning of a great creative adventure

The copper foil technique is the method most used for smaller panels, sun-catchers, jewelry boxes, lamp-shades, holiday ornaments and many others. You will learn basic glass working skills including: safety, pattern prep, glass cutting, fitting, foiling and soldering. Students will complete 1 panel which is metal framed and includes a hook for hanging.

Class fee includes: a project board, metal frame, chain and miscellaneous supplies.

Students are required to have: Basic glass working tools, glass for the project, foil and solder.*See the required list of tools on our tools page.

Dates:(2) Thursdays October 17 & 24
Cost:  $115 + Art Glass for scope body
Required Skills: Foil. & Soldering Experience.

Who doesn't love the classic optic illusion of a timeless kaleidoscope. The 2 image wheels will be created in the fused glass / hot glass method. The rest of the kaleidoscope will be created with the copper foil method.

Class fee includes: Glass for the image wheels and all kaleidoscope hardware.Student is responsible for provided art glass for the 3 pieces that create the body. 

Students are required to have: Glass cutting tools, Soldering tools & Soldering supplies.

Dates:Winter 2019 6:15 - 9:30 pm
Cost:  $79 + Supplies
Required Skills: Foiling and Soldering experience

‘Tis the season for the perfect class for holiday gift making and dĂ©cor! We only offer this workshop once a year and it fills up quickly, so don’t wait to register. This project is completed in one night using the copper foil method. No glass cutting for this project. Students will create (1) snowflake in the color and configuration of their choice.

Class fee includes: All glass bevels and nuggets for (1) snowflake.

Students are required to have: Soldering tools, foil (silver backed recommended), flux and solder.

Time: 6:15p - 9:30p pm
Dates:Weeknight Workshop  TBA
Cost:  $89
Required Skills: Cutting, Soldering & Foil Experience Required.

It's time to be outside and add a little pizazz and color to your world with a flowering succulent. These stained glass flowering dimensional creations can be used in a variety of settings: a garden, a flower bed, planter pot or however you choose to display inside or out. Really look great on a patio table. Once you have confirmed workshop registration, you will need to come into Western Art Glass and get a copy of the pattern for you to select your own glass and complete the required homework which is to cut and grind all the pieces before the 1 night of class. The night of the workshop is formatted for assembly and soldering only. You must come to class prepared as it is only 1 night. Class might run later than usual until 9:30pm. *Examples are on display, we have had many many compliments on them and people asking to purchase, but we need them for examples for this workshop.

Class fee includes: Instruction & miscellaneous supplies to assemble.  

Students are required to have: 1 Sq. Foot of art glass selected, cut and ground to pattern sizes before workshop night. Basic glass working experience. Glass cutting tools, soldering tools, solder & flux and glass of your choice to complete 1 flowering succulent

Dates: *To Be Scheduled Spring 2020.
Cost:  $115 + Supplies
Required Skills: Glass cutting, grinding & fitting Experience Required.

Add a little pizazz and color to your world with a stepping stone. Stones cam be used in a variety of settings: a garden, walkway or just as a display piece. Students will choose a pattern from our library and an 8” square or 8"circular reusable mold prior to class. In class you will learn to mix your grout, reinforce the stone and weather seal it. You will also take home the reusable mold you used in class so you can create more stones on your own.

Class fee includes: Pattern and mold of your choice, grout, sealer and miscellaneous other supplies.  

Students are required to have: Glass cutting tools, and glass of your choice to complete chosen pattern.

Project created & designed
by Robert Didas


Dates: (3) Weeknights TBA 6:15p-9:00p
Cost:  $115
Required Skills: Cutting Grinding, Foiling and Soldering experience

Show your school pride with this University of Utah logo project. This class is just in time for football season but is beautiful enough to display all year long. In this class you will create a circular/round shape sun-catcher with the University logo while you learn to apply a lead perimeter edge and hook for hanging. Actual size of finished project: 12 inch diameter.

Class fee includes: All glass, spinning hook and lead edging.

Students are required to have: Glass working tools, silver backed copper foil, flux and solder.

Dates: TBD Early 2020
Cost:  $189 + Supplies
Required Skills: Copper foil and glass cutting experience required.

Photos are prior
student projects
Learn how to create and assemble a panel style lamp shade. You will choose a design from the choices provided for class. This is to focus more on learning how to create and assemble a 3D project so that once you have completed the class you are ready to create your own design and to create many more lamps. These lamp shades will be created using the copper foil method. You will learn about reinforcement, assembling multiple sides of shade and how to incorporate the lamp hardware. Each student will create (1) 4-sided panel lamp and be able to learn the skills to in the future create 4 - 6 sided lamps when need or desire arises. Class is (1) night a week for 4 weeks scheduled over a 5 week span. This class and technique requires homework and besides basic glass working tools, you will also need to have a grinder at home to complete the homework to stay on track. Class fee includes reinforcement materials and the lamp cap. A lamp base is up to you to accommodate the finished project for a functioning lamp. 


On Display at Western Art Glass
Dates: TBD   6:15p-9:00p
Cost: $99 + Supplies
Required Skills: Copper Foil Experience
In this 3 week workshop, you will be creating 1 dimensional art glass box

This project is done in the copper foil method. You will create your own design box lid and then learn how to accommodate in sizing to build the sides and bottom.  Students may choose their own design, but must be approved before creating.

Photo & Design by Hobbyist
This project is designed to incorporate a hinge for the box lid to be open and closed. Also connecting the lid to the box you will also solder a chain to keep the box lid attached securely and safely so the box is truly functional for whatever treasures are kept inside.

Class fee includes: Mirror for the box bottom, hinge and chain.

Students are required to have: Glass for the lid design and sides. Basic soldering tools, solder and copper foil.

Dates: TBA 6:15p-9:00p
Cost:  $159 + Supplies
Required Skills: Copper Foil Technique Experience

Students will create a 3-sided table lamp using the copper foil method. This class is formatted to use designs from the Aanraku Stained Glass ‘Table Lanterns’ pattern books. Students will need to select a pattern before the first night of class. Actual lamp size for glass is 3 sides that measure 6”width x 12” height. These are designed for ambient accent lighting, similar to a night-light effect.

Class fee includes: Triangular wood lamp base and hardware wiring kit (inc. 40 watt bulb).

Students are required to have: Glass working tools including Morton System layout add-ons, glass for project, foil, solder and flux.  

Photos are past lead
commissions from
Western Art Glass
Cost:  $159 + Supplies
Required Skills: Advanced class requires copper foil experience and instructor approval.

Lead is the advanced method seen in traditional glass working. The basics of glass working are NOT covered. Instruction in this class is specific to working with the lead technique. This technique is appropriate for specific types of designs. Class is (1) night per week for 3 weeks. Students will learn the lead technique by creating (1) panel:

Panel- This is an Introductory panel into the Lead method by way of using a bevel cluster for the focal design aspect. Students will learn how to appropriately work with the lead technique.
Pattern Prep and Design- Student Choice- Students will learn how to pattern prep the design with the cluster and learn where to apply the cut lead lines to work with creating a lead technique panel.
Once the class is completed, you will have the knowledge needed to choose and complete you own future lead projects.  
Class fee includes: Bevel Cluster  
Students are required to have: Basic glass working tools, Lead working tools, art glass to complete background, all metal caming and any additional bevels you may want to apply to your class project design.This will be determined during class week 1.